The Mother Of The Child Gabriel Outraged

The mother of the child Gabriel, outraged: “They have put images on the Internet of my son when they found him dead”.

Patricia Ramírez , the mother of the child Gabriel Cruz , has summoned the media this Monday to denounce “serious facts” about her son, murdered in February 2018 with treachery Ana Julia Quezada.

Ramírez has denounced the “continuous humiliation” and the “cruel and inhuman treatment” that has been given in recent times in the media and social networks to his son. “They have put images on the Internet of my son when they found him dead,” he said.

“I asked that the anger be silenced and that the witch be forgotten and that the good deeds remain,” he assured, adding that, although “many” have supported him, “unfortunately, we have a system of communication media as well as networks. who are capable of using extreme cruelty and a minor to gain publicity, likes and audience “.

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Gabriel Cruz’s mother has summoned the media to denounce “cruel and inhuman treatment that I am unfortunately suffering. I asked the anger to stop and the witch to be forgotten. […] I think I’ve had to go through enough ”. # LaHoradeLa1

Visibly affected, Rodríguez has denounced that a digital medium published, 20 days ago, a photo of her dead son. “This newspaper, taking advantage of the fact that it was Gabriel’s anniversary, was created on March 8 and changed its name . To attract followers , it put one saying, among other things, that if the death of my son hurt, they would give it a like” , has declared, pointing out that “it is not the first communication they make” about their son.

“The photos of the murder of my son have been published on the Internet with content of gore photos , ” she has stated, showing these printed pages, which she has shown during a press conference that she has been forced to call and that, as she has acknowledged, ” it’s not easy “for her.

Gabriel’s mother has also pointed out that different political parties in the country have used the image of the child “for partisan purposes.”

Thus, he regrets and points out those who have used the image since his son on the occasion of his third anniversary, and reiterates the request that they end the story so that the relatives can turn the page. And he has warned that, “after three years of silence”, “whoever attempts again against my son or against my personal harm, will see them with me in court, in Europe, in the defense of the minor and where necessary”.

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