Now Is The Best Time To Taste Taiwan Guava!

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Now is the most delicious time for Taiwanese Guava! You can see different guava varieties in the market, and convenience stores can also buy guava juices launched by large companies and local farmers.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan (WS News Publisher) – The highest production of guava in Taiwan is from July to August. During this period, the price of guava is lower, and the taste is very fresh. However, the hot summer climate in Taiwan can easily lead to overripe fruits, so the quality of guava may be unstable at this time. Therefore, the best time to taste guava in Taiwan is about mid-September to February of the following year. At this time, the fruit has a smaller core, more flesh, and is crispy and delicious.

Guava varieties common in Taiwan

According to data from the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Taiwan’s guavas produce more than 180,000 metric tons a year, and export countries include Canada, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Netherlands. There are also many varieties of guava produced in Taiwan.

Local Guava: The traditional local guava has a smaller appearance, with a strong fruity aroma and a little sourness. After the improvement, the local guava retains the fruity aroma and tastes sweeter and softer. It is even more delicious than the traditional local guava.

Pearl Guava: Pearl Guava is the most common in the Taiwan market. Its appearance is similar to pears, with some yellow flesh and more seeds, but it has a strong fruity aroma and high sweetness. It is currently the sweetest variety of Taiwan guavas.

Emperor Guava: The appearance of Emperor Guava is similar to Pearl Guava, but the fruit is bigger and more crispy, so it is called the emperor of guava. Emperor Guava has a fruity aroma, slight acidity and can be stored for a long time.

Crystal Guava: Modified from Thailand’s Guava, the main production areas are Changhua, Nantou, Chiayi, Kaohsiung, etc. The appearance of crystal guava is relatively flat and round, with fewer seeds, more flesh, and a strong fruity aroma.

Perfume Guava: It has a unique fruity aroma; especially when the fruit matures, its fruity aroma will be more intense. It tastes sweet and soft and is loved by the elderly and children.

Red Heart Guava: The flesh of Red heart guava is biased towards red. Its appearance is small, but the flesh is rich in lycopene and carotenoids. The characteristic is “soft, sweet, aroma,” and its nutrition is also relatively high.

How to choose guava

Guava rind should be light green or yellow-green, which means that the fruit has matured. Guava’s outer skin should be uneven and grainy, which means that the sweetness is relatively high.

Observe the umbilicus at the bottom of the guava, choose a smaller umbilicus, which means that the firmness is just right. If the umbilicus is larger, the fruit is softer, and the umbilicus is tighter, which may mean that the fruit is not mature enough. On the other hand, guava has weight when picked up, which means the flesh is thicker and more watery.

Want to try Taiwan Guava? Now is the best time to eat Taiwan Guava; go to the market to buy it! Consumers with poor chewiness can use a juice machine to make guava juice or go to a convenience store to buy guava juice jointly launched by large companies and local farmers to experience the delicious taste of Taiwan guava.


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