Refusal To Agree With Iglesias Is Not A Position Party

The national leadership of the PSOE has made it clear this Monday that the intention of its candidate in the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo , not to agree with the Podemos of Pablo Iglesias . Shortly after he said so in an interview in La Sexta, the Socialist Secretary of Organization, José Luis Ábalos, has clarified that it is an “idea” of the candidate, not of the party that has assured that it has not addressed this issue.

“These statements are obviously of the candidate, who has all the right as a candidate to decide his ideas,” said Ábalos, who has understood that Gabilondo says he does not want to agree with Iglesias because of the presence that Podemos has today in the Assembly of Madrid.

However , he has disassociated his words with what is happening at the national level , where PSOE and United We Can govern in coalition and where the presence of the purple in Congress is much greater (37 national deputies compared to 4 regional). On the contrary, he recalled that Más Madrid has more presence in the Madrid chamber than Más País in the Lower House (11 compared to two).

“Spain has a singularity in its political representation and the Assembly [of Madrid] has another. One only has to see the weight of More Madrid in the Assembly and that of More Country in Congress,” Ábalos said.

In any case, the number 3 of the PSOE has assured that ” the party has not dealt with this issue . ” Regarding the Community of Madrid and what was said by Gabilondo, he has pointed out that “we are talking about a government in transition because it is for a certain time, until 2023”, when there should be other, ordinary elections in Madrid.

“We are in an electoral campaign and it is time for each one to propose their formula.” Without allusions to not agreeing with Podemos, Ábalos has said that the PSOE’s “is to go out to win and develop its project as clearly as possible.”

In this pre-electoral context, he has also ruled out that Gabilondo’s words could affect the Executive, of which Iglesias remains second vice president. “I do not think there is any problem with the vice president” , who recalled that he is also “in this key”, electoral. “You will understand these questions perfectly.”

Motion in Castilla y León
In what the PSOE has a much firmer position is with respect to the motion of censure that is debated this Wednesday and will be voted on Thursday in Castilla y León and that, if there are no last minute movements of Citizens, the Socialists will lose , the only ones who presented it.

In this sense, Ábalos has loaded the ink on “the purchase of wills” that PP and certain ex-leaders of Cs in Murci a concocted and has urged its president, Inés Arrimas , to break with the popular in all town halls and communities where they govern together, starting with Castilla y León, where he has denied that the PSOE is behaving like the PP in Murcia. “It is not transfuguismo because we have not offered anything.”

“They are not ashamed of corruption, they boast of it, ” Ábalos said about what happened in Murcia last week, between the PP and “opportunists and adventurers who abandon ship” from Ciudadanos. “The unprecedented thing is that, far from failing it, there are those who cheer them on.

This scenario, Ábalos has “encouraged” “the leadership of Cs to have democratic hygiene and dignity in the face of the PP’s campaign to engulf them , break all the pacts, starting with Castilla y León”.

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