World’s 20 Wealthiest Countries Revealed Singapore Takes the Crown

World’s 20 Wealthiest Countries Revealed Singapore Takes the Crown. (Photo via

Singapore takes the lead in the 2023 World’s 20 Richest Countries ranking, boasting a 2023 GDP of US$157,354. The subsequent positions are held by Luxembourg, Qatar, Ireland, and the United Arab Emirates.

Taipei, Taiwan (WS News Publisher) – The unveiling of the 2023 World’s 20 Richest Countries ranking presents a brief overview of contemporary global economic conditions. Singapore, one of the four Asian tigers, dominates the world, ranking first with a gross domestic product per capita (GDP) of US$157,354 in 2023. Followed by Luxembourg (USD 142,490), Qatar (USD 124,834), Ireland (USD 124,596), and fifth place the United Arab Emirates (USD 88,221).

This list is a ranking of the world’s 20 richest countries based on the per capita GDP in 2023 by the financial website Insider Monkey, which calculates the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of each country. Taiwan ranks 12th in this ranking, with a per capita GDP of US$73,344, which is a very impressive performance.

Insider Monkey believes that Taiwan’s inclusion in the list is mainly due to the booming consumer electronics industry. There are many important technology companies headquartered in Taiwan such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd (TSMC), the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer by market share, MediaTek Inc., United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Therefore Taiwan plays a pivotal role in the electronics supply chain.

The countries ranked 6th to 10th are Switzerland, Norway, the United States, the Republic of San Marino, and Brunei. Two-thirds of Switzerland’s area is highland. Although there are not abundant natural resources, Switzerland has attracted many outstanding domestic and foreign talents due to its political stability, complete financial system, and sound social welfare, and has always been in a leading position in the world economy. The main source of income is the fascinating tourism industry and export industries such as pharmaceuticals, precision instruments, and watches.

Numbers 11 to 20 are Denmark, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Iceland, Austria, Andorra, Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Australia. Compared with Switzerland, Denmark, located in Northern Europe, is rich in natural resources and is a developed industrialized country. In addition to abundant agricultural products, it also produces oil and natural gas. Its education, culture, social welfare, and medical standards are all world-renowned. Denmark is considered one of the happiest countries in the world. It’s an important shipping center and its status as an economic hub is unquestionable.

Andorra is a micro-country in Europe and one of the few remaining feudal countries in the world. It borders France and Spain and is a well-known tax-free paradise. The tourism industry is quite developed there, with mountains and canyons dotted around it. Its 80% of GDP relies on tourism, attracting 9 million people to go on vacation every year, especially in summer and winter. Because it is a tax-free paradise, the financial industry is also quite complete. Although the country is small, it also produces natural resources such as mineral water, iron ore, and timber.

However, the primary factor in wealth and economic development is political and environmental stability. IMF President Kristalina Georgieva believes that the world economy is currently suffering from various external shocks. These mid- and long-term problems, which have been brewing for a long time, directly or indirectly affect the economies of various countries. These shocks include climate change, the war between Ukraine and Russia, the war between Israel and Palestine, and different political divisions. Therefore, countries around the world should strengthen cooperation and adopt trend policies to reduce the impact, so that we could expect economic growth in 2024.

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