Classify Items According The Frequency Of Use To Make Housework Easier

Cleaning up the home environment is more than just cleaning. It is also a significant action to re-examine the items in the home and eliminate unnecessary things. (Photo via

Do you like shopping? On Black Friday in 2021, the total online spending of American consumers reached 9.12 billion US dollars! However, excess consumption and idle items can make the house messy!

New York, NY (WS News Publisher) – In the new year, many people still worry about housework. Stepping into 2023, do you also need help with home organization? Cleaning and organizing are simple. You might as well try “decluttering.” You can easily clutter-clearing your home and welcome the New Year clean and fresh if you learn these three tricks.

The convenience of online shopping, the rise of group buying, and the creation of many shopping-related festivals by merchants attract people to continue to consume and use shopping to create small happiness in life. According to the latest statistics, on Black Friday in 2021, American consumers spent a total of US$9.12 billion online, a record high for the same period, an increase of 2.3% compared to last year. People are buying more and more, and there are more and more items at home. Piling up at home not only takes up space but also affects appearance.

Before you start tidying up your home, it is recommended to refer to the following three steps to remove unnecessary or inappropriate items.

First, collect all the items that need to be organized at home and place them in categories. When the same things are gathered together, in addition to checking the status of the items, the quantity must also be counted. It is recommended to maintain the “just right” number of things and not to stock up. If you have too many items of the same type, it will affect the time you need to find the required supplies and increase the storage space, so it is best to know how to filter and filter, leaving only the required items.

Next, divide these items into three categories: “commonly used,” “rarely used,” and “not used at all.” Commonly used items can be stored in the most convenient location at home, and those not used can be discarded or donated. Please don’t put them in the cabinet because they are reluctant to take up space. When storing, it is best to place only 7 points full of each storage cabinet, leave an appropriate amount of blank space, and put a small number of items into storage boxes and label them, so they are easy to find at a glance.

Finally, adjust your usage habits and develop the habit of putting things back in place. When shopping, use the “one-in-one-out” or “one-in-multiple-out” method. If you want to buy an item, you need to discard one or more items at home simultaneously and not add items of the same type to your home. Only spend what you need, which will not only save money but also save space in your home.

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