Improper Eating Habits Increase Early-Onset Cancer Patients

People diagnosed with cancer before age 50 are called early-onset cancer patients. (Photo via

Cancer patients are getting younger! A new study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University shows that the risk of developing cancer may be sown at a young age or even before birth, known as early-onset cancer. The study also found that people born after 1990 had a higher chance of developing cancer before the age of 50.

Taipei, Taiwan (WS News Publisher) – Cancer rates under the age of 50 have risen globally. According to new research from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University, the risk of developing cancer may be sown in our youth or even before birth, especially in people who are diagnosed with cancer before the age of 50, who are called early-onset cancer patients. The study, published in Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, found that people born after 1990 had a higher chance of developing cancer before age 50 than those born before 1970.

What factors increase our risk of early cancer? In addition to genetics being one of the possible reasons, studies have found that the things and lifestyles we are exposed to daily can affect our cancer risk, including dietary habits, daily routines, environmental factors, and microbiomes, which can have long-term effects on health. After analyzing a large amount of data, the researchers found that diet and lifestyle habits formed early in the life cycle had the most significant impact.

The study examined 14 types of cancer the genetic makeup of people, aggressiveness, spread, and growth rates of those cancer cells. They found that the causes of cancer before age 50 differed from those after age 50, especially in bowel-related cancers. , such as colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, and gastric cancer, the main reason is that these cancers are related to our daily eating habits and intestinal microflora.

Due to changes in the lifestyle and eating habits of modern people, all kinds of processed foods, fried foods, high-sugar foods, and fast foods are flooded in our lives. In addition, the intake of drugs, environmental hormones, antibiotics, etc. will change the intestinal flora, resulting in Long-term health hazards. Siobhan Glavey, professor of pathology at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, mentioned in the study that children begin to focus on the nutrient intake to develop healthy cells from the beginning of the mother’s body. On the contrary, carcinogenic molecules caused by primitive genes and improper eating habits will also be transmitted and generated from the mother’s body.

Therefore, it is found that the diet of pregnant women has a certain impact on chronic diseases and cancer after birth. If the nutritional imbalance or nutrition is insufficient during pregnancy, such as regional famine, it will increase the risk of breast cancer after the birth of the next generation. Breast cancer has become the most common cancer among women aged 25 to 49 and is called a female killer.

The multiple myeloma that originally occurred in the elderly over the age of 70, in recent years, the age has gradually declined. (Photo via

Obesity is also one of the important reasons for the increased risk of cancer and the younger age suffering cancer, main causes are related to eating habits started in childhood. If you are overweight since childhood and do not actively adjust your eating habits, the overweight status will continue from childhood to adulthood, which means that you are at high cancer risk for a long time. Of course, a certain percentage of them will develop cancer early.

Professor Siobhan, a research host, is also a hematologist. She has been committed to studying the gene molecules and therapeutic drugs for multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is an irreparable blood cancer and most patients were over 70 years of age. However, in recent years, the age of suffering from this cancer has gradually declined, which has made us have to look at this phenomenon solemnly.

Some people think that the concept of modern medicine and prevention of medicine prevails, letting us detect our disease in advance when we are young. However, it is undeniable that the aforementioned diet and living habits, processing and high-fat foods, and environmental pollution have increased the number of cancer, and it is also easier for everyone to expose to cancer factors.

Early carcinoma may be more related to genes in terms of cause, and because of long-term contact risk factors, it may have spread when discovered, so the treatment method is needed for the condition of the case. Young suffering from cancer will take longer, which will cause a lot of economic burden on the patients and families. Therefore, you must always pay attention to your own life and rest, diet regular and healthy, maintain a standard weight, and have regular health checks to reduce the risk of cancer, and you can also find it and take treatment earlier.

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