Feeling Depressed? Regular Exercise Can Bring Happiness

In addition to increasing happiness, exercise can also improve the ability to mediate emotions. (Photo via unsplash.com)

People who exercise regularly are happier. Scientists estimate that the happiness produced by regular exercise is equivalent to an increase in an annual salary of $25,000, which means a 40 percent salary increase.

London, UK (WS News Publisher) – Regular exercise can bring happiness equivalent to a raise! The study, published in the British medical journal “The Lancet”, found that among the 1.2 million Americans surveyed, those who exercised more frequently had an average of 35 unhappy days a year, with the main causes of unhappiness being stress or depression caused by people and bad things surrounding them. People who do not exercise regularly experience depression and unhappiness 53 days a year.

The study specifically used monetary value to calculate the “substantial” well-being brought by regular exercise was equivalent to an annual salary increase of $25,000. Comparing this amount to the median annual income of Americans is equivalent to 43 percent of the happiness of being raised. If you’re looking for a raise in the hope of increasing your quality of life and happiness, starting a regular exercise routine now may do wonders as well.

In recent years, many studies have focused on the positive effects of exercise on psychology, and these effects will also be linked to changes in life and physiology so that the body and mind can become healthy together. Research shows that in addition to increasing happiness, exercise can also help regulate emotions and combat stress. People who rarely exercise or go out are 44 percent more likely to suffer from depression than those who exercise regularly.

For people with mild and moderate depression, 90 minutes of exercise per week can achieve antidepressant-like effects, helping to stimulate the secretion of dopamine, the happy hormone in your brain, which can also help release serotonin to maintain a happy mood, ignore stress alerts, and enhance the ability to transform emotions. Even ordinary people, as long as they develop the habit of exercise, can become more positive, have more ability to face pressure, and it is easier to return to a stable mood.

When we crave a promotion, a raise, or a business expansion to earn more money, the timing of that realization is not necessarily what we expect, because other external factors affect the outcome. When we got wealth, we will go back to life to find a way to create happiness. In the process, we often ignore the most fundamental needs of self-realization and increasing happiness every day. Experiments have confirmed that when money brings a certain amount of happiness, it will reach a critical value, which means that happiness and wealth are no longer directly related to wealth.

Happiness is no longer Created only by Money

Breaking down the measure of happiness in terms of money, work, or good material life, the study found that three things help us increase our happiness more than wealth:

  • Develop exercise habits: Exercise can help develop a healthy body, strengthen cardiopulmonary function, prevent various diseases, anti-cancer, anti-aging, and also promote mental health, allowing people to face life more positively.
  • Building good relationships: The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley found that Latinos are happier than Americans because they have good relationships. They are more willing to lay down themselves and pursue “together” happiness with a loved one.
  • Shorten your commute: To have a more spacious and comfortable living space, some people choose to move to the fringes of the city or the suburbs and spend a relatively long commute every day. British research has found that every 20 minutes of commuting time increases your happiness will decrease. You have to think about how to balance the distance between home and work.

While pursuing the quality of material life, stop to enjoy the daily life process, and cherish the time spent together with family and friends. Make good use of the weekly exercise time, choose the exercise you like and are suitable for. You would become healthier and happier. Then maybe you can have a more healthy physical and mental condition to pursue future work wealth.

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