More And More People Want To Travel Alone

Traveling alone is a trend! After the pandemic, the number of people who wanted to travel increased greatly, and the travel trend changed. People began to plan solo trips, looking forward to a one-person vacation.

Tokyo, Japan (WS News Publisher) – From 2016 to 2019, the number of searches for “solo travel” on Google increased by 131%. It can be seen that traveling alone has been popular in the past few years. According to data from TripIt from Concur, 20% of people plan to travel alone next year.

Japanese women’s website OzMall has 3.6 million members. In April 2021, the website surveyed “the circumstances of traveling alone” to understand the travel situation after the pandemic. The results showed that 60% of female respondents wanted to engage in travel alone. The reasons for wanting to travel alone include: raising the spirit, experiencing scenic spots, rewarding yourself, wanting to be alone, and personal interests.

A person may experience different travel pleasures in an unfamiliar environment, but they may also suffer danger. When traveling alone becomes a trend or a more relaxing activity, we must make all kinds of preparations for solo travel to make the travel process smooth and safe.

Traveling alone requires psychological preparation

When traveling alone, some people feel relaxed, but some people feel lonely or scared. Whatever the reason you want to travel alone, you must experience the vacation “by yourself.” The following are the psychological preparations that a solo traveler needs: overcoming fear, making decisions for yourself, getting along with yourself, talking with strangers, and practicing vigilance in the environment.

Which trips are suitable for being alone?

As long as the person who travels is willing, he can complete all kinds of travel alone. It is a good travel itinerary for a person to drive or take a train to different cities for coffee, take a boat to the outer islands to experience the sun, and even take a plane to visit other countries to visit attractions. If you want more exciting activities, you can also be gliding/light aircraft/Bungee jumping under the leadership of the instructor. 

Planning recommendations for traveling alone

Travel to relatively safe countries or cities, such as the State of Qatar, Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, etc. (Numbeo: Crime Index by Country 2020) After finding a country or city that you want to travel to, you can search for interesting attractions on the region’s government agency website. You can book air tickets, plan routes, and find backpacker hotels based on the locations of these attractions. Suggestions: experience local culture, visit popular attractions, eat restaurant food, and finally go shopping. 

Precautions for traveling alone

Traveling alone should bring enough cash, personal medicine, and remember to bring your ID with you, and don’t let your backpack leave your body. Traveling alone is most afraid of encountering emergencies. At this time, you need to find someone to help. It is recommended that you write down the possible emergencies before traveling and then fill in the countermeasures for these events as a reference SOP.

The most important thing is: avoid getting sick! When traveling, travelers are most afraid of encountering diseases. Especially when traveling alone, there is no one around to help solve the problem, and the traveler himself must handle everything. In different countries or cities, tourists may not get used to the local food or culture. Please keep your body and food clean at all times and keep enough sleep.

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