Indonesia’s Green Industry Center Welcomes the Green Innovation and Sustainable Solutions Alliance with Waste-solutions Company to Develop Circular Economy

Indonesia’s Green Industry Center shows interest in establishing the Green Innovation and Sustainable Solutions Alliance with the waste-solutions company- PANELTECH.US Corp.
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Indonesia’s Green Industry Center is excited to discuss alliance establishment with PANELTECH.US Corp. to support the accelerated implementation of its green economy under innovative solutions.

Jakarta, Indonesia (WS News Publisher) – Indonesia’s Green Industry Center shows interest in establishing the Green Innovation and Sustainable Solutions Alliance with the waste-solutions company- PANELTECH.US Corp. The Alliance is an ambitious global partnership that unifies all members under the shared vision and goal of the creation of circular economy, to leap revolutionary steps forward in addressing challenges faced by our collective environment. The Alliance aims to proceed with sending invitations to Indonesia as well as other global universities, R&D centers, regions of South Africa etc. where collaboration procedures are currently under development.

The Alliance intends to expand on PANELTECH.US Corp.’s existing partner types and territories to further increase its focus on solutions and partner collaboration at a global and localized level. It shall broaden the range of perception and potential resources; Improve and deepen localized collaboration with specialized paths; and provide new value and streamline experience with added intellectual capital.

With the pressing need for green and sustainable transformation in Indonesia, products, raw materials and resources need to be used to maximum efficiency, essentially revitalizing the possibilities of waste inside the circular economic model. The alliance established by PANELTECH.US Corp hopes to effectively maximize scalability, profitability and flexibly designed to fit Indonesia’s existing demands, including the push for developing green jobs in the employment sector and applications of consumer green bonds for sustainable empowerment projects. Through the support of and collaboration with the Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry, enhanced partnership can help manage waste, reduce carbon emission and build solidarity to address the severe impact of climate change.

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Depending on the role within the Alliance, members may be eligible to publish company and product information on PANELTECH.US Corp.’s Innovation Center. The Innovation Center aims to enhance collaboration with global channels and partners under the green supply chain circular economic initiative. These include innovative green technologies, funding and additional resources. Both the Alliance and Innovation Center hope to connect essential manufacturers and other actors within the recycling industry to on the ground projects, actualizing the sustainable development of waste-repurposing.

Mr. Hendro Martono, the Head of Green Industry Center from the Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry is looking to arrange future meetings with PANELTECH.US Corp., inviting additional industry actors and related stakeholder to participate and add onto wide potential of the Alliance. The global supply of waste is ever-growing, this means more possible applications of diversified products reintroduced into the market, essentially reshaping consumer and corporate behavior in alignment with PANELTECH.US Corp’s mandate to emphasize Consumer-Corporate Social Responsibilities (C+CSR). Through the process, consumers are offered a wide selection of green choices and corporates are producing profit under lower carbon emission while the waste problem in the agricultural sector is being addressed. “This is a good opportunity for Indonesian industries to seek the potency of waste management with the support from any organization such as PANELTECH.US to alleviate their waste problem, while financed by the consumer green bonds”, as said by Mr. Hendro Martono.

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