Exceptions In Which Travel Is Allowed Before And During Holy Week

The bridge of San José has served to imagine what will happen in Spain in the next Holy Week . The communities will also be closed perimeter, but the traffic will be open for foreign tourism. The result. What has aroused outrage among citizens is that Spaniards cannot travel to other autonomies, but tourists from Germany, France or Italy can visit our country.

German tourists at Palma de Mallorca airport, in a file photo. Fear of the arrival of foreign tourists to Spain at Easter.

On March 12, the inter-territorial council of Health agreed on a series of unified measures for the bridges of Father’s Day and Holy Week . One of them was the perimeter closure of all the autonomies in two phases: a past one, from March 17 to 21, and a future one, from next Friday , March 26 to April 9.

This means that there are now four days, between this Monday and next Thursday, in which the autonomies whose governments have not decreed perimeter closure , such as Madrid and Murcia, are now open, while the rest remain closed, as they already were. before the arrangement for holidays.

Bypass restrictions
Health personnel from the Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital in Santander treat patients with coronavirus in one of the ICU-Covid of the Cantabrian hospital. Spain closes the bridge and awaits Easter with the pressure to avoid the fourth wave.

However, the decree of the state of alarm contemplates a series of exceptions in which citizens can bypass restrictions on mobility. In many territories, it is required that these movements be covered by a receipt that the user fills in and that can be downloaded from the Internet. In other cases, the person is simply asked to travel accompanied by the documents that can justify the exception.

According to the State of Alarm decree promulgated in October , citizens can bypass the restrictions on perimeter closures in the following cases.

Health : assistance to health centers, services and establishments.
Work : fulfillment of labor, professional, business, institutional or legal obligations.
Education : attendance at university, teaching and educational centers, including nursery schools.
Return to the place of habitual or family residence.
Care : assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.
Banks and gas stations : travel to financial and insurance entities or refueling stations in neighboring territories.
Legal : required or urgent actions before public, judicial or notarial bodies.
DNI : renewals of permits and official documentation, as well as other administrative procedures that cannot be postponed.
Exams : taking official exams or tests that cannot be postponed.
Emergency : due to force majeure or situation of need.
Others : any other activity of a similar nature, duly accredited.
How to download the receipt

The following are some of the communities that have published supporting documents to facilitate verification by the authorities of the exceptions to the mobility restrictions. You can download them at the following links:

-Madrid’s community.




-Basque Country

In addition to filling it in properly, it is recommended to travel with the supporting documents with which the exception can be protected.

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