Vox Will Not Ask Ayuso To Enter The Madrid Government

Vox will not ask Ayuso to enter the Madrid Government after 4-M because it is not looking for “positions” or “carguitos”.

Vox assured this Monday that in the Madrid elections on May 4 it does not look for ” carguitos “, so it will not demand to enter the autonomous government if its seats are essential for the current regional president and PP candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso .

A member of a polling station holds an FFP2 mask provided by the Government for this election day. Elections in Madrid 2021: causes that justify the absence from the polling station on May 4, 2021.

This was stated at a press conference by the spokesman for the Vox Political Action Committee, Jorge Buxadé , who was asked how his training will act after the 4-M elections.

“Vox is not going to ask to enter the Government,” Buxadé said about whether they will demand it from Ayuso to give him his support. “We do not come here to ask for positions or charges or to save the individual needs of egos or pride of anyone,” he said.

He argued that the “next day” of the elections will be seen “where the Madrilenians have wanted Vox to be”, after which their deputies will act “at the service of Spain.” In addition, he argued that there is a “risk” that the PSOE could take control of this community with the support of other parties.

“Risk” of left-wing government
He affirmed that Vox is the “guarantee” to prevent a left-wing Executive in Madrid , while pointing out that other parties raise “doubts” about it, in clear reference to Ciudadanos . In this sense, he pointed out that the votes that Abascal’s party receives will never be used to reach a “fix” and the left can govern this region “directly or indirectly.”

Gabilondo asks to think of Madrid parking “fantasies and delusions” . Gabilondo appeals to the union of forces “not radicalized” to be “the tiebreaker in the voters of Cs”.

Buxadé also referred to the fact that his party “comes out to win” in the 4-M elections, since what happens in Madrid is “fundamental to recover Spain and the unity of the nation.” He pointed out that also in the Madrid region they will make clear their “infinite distance with the Popular Front”, which the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez , said as head .

At the same time, he announced that the National Executive Committee of his party will soon announce the director of the Madrid 4-M campaign and who will be the head of the party’s list , which is expected to be the current spokesperson for this formation. in the Assembly, Rocío Monasterio .

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