Rocío Carrasco Provokes Reactions What A Great Pain

In fact, several personalities in Congress did not hesitate to comment on the matter.

For example, Íñigo Errejón , leader of Más País and a deputy for that party, wrote on Twitter: “Rocío Carrasco denounced sexist violence yesterday. A testimony of mistreatment that many will question. Just like they did with Ana Orantes . they have done with so many women. That is why feminism is so necessary. ”

Rocío Monasterio , president of Vox in the Community of Madrid, also referred to the issue, assuring that ” today half of Spain has understood what the parental alienation syndrome is . Thousands of children suffer it, some victims of a father, others of a mother” .

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero , dedicated a whole thread to commenting on what was seen on the Telecinco program. “Rocio Carrasco’s testimony is that of a victim of gender violence. When a woman publicly denounces violence, she can be questioned or ridiculed . That is why support is important,” he pointed out.

“Victims of sexist violence are women who, like all of them, you may like more or less, but that does not call into question their experience of abuse, nor the need for processes of protection and social reparation for all of them,” he added, clarifying that ” it is not about criminalizing men” but about “understanding sexist violence to eradicate it.”

The Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE and deputy Adriana Lastra highlighted the attitude of the interviewee in the documentary: “Rocío Carrasco is a brave woman, a survivor. Her testimony has great value in making gender violence visible . We will not stop until life is safe and free for all women. ”

Another PSOE deputy, Andrea Fernández, also expressed her opinion on Twitter about what she saw on the screen: ” An abuser is NEVER a good father .”

In other areas, the journalist and presenter of Informativos Carme Chaparro expressed her opinion: “What a great pain. What courage to share it.” Chaparro also made us see what a testimony like this supposes: ” When an abused woman finally speaks, after a long time, pain and suffering , it is like a bottle of cava that is uncorked, everything blows up. She told me years ago the director of a shelter where women were hiding at the highest risk of being murdered “.

The influencer and television collaborator Carolina Iglesias, known as Percebes y grelos, spoke of another of Rocío Carrasco’s confessions, about her suicidal thoughts. “Verbalizing that you have wanted to die and, above all, deciding that you want to do so is a memory that always haunts you. Only the people who have lived it know it. No one has the right to judge a suicide or an attempt,” he pointed out.

María Patiño , presenter of Socialité , made her opinion clear: “Antonio David has been condemned forever ” and put the focus on the most harmed: “Your children are the most defenseless beings due to a divorce badly handled from the beginning by their parents” .

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