Alert To Spain Launched By A Former Director Of WHO

“Severe confinement is the most recommended thing now”: the alert to Spain launched by a former director of the WHO.

The former Basque Health Councilor and former Director of Health Systems at WHO, Rafael Bengoa , has considered that he is ” about to make the same mistake ” as in summer and Christmas, so he has asked that no attempt be made to “save the Easter “if you want to prevent the spread of covid-19 .

The AstraZeneca vaccine is causing concern among the population. The EU resumes vaccination with AstraZeneca amid “non-compliance”, doubts and threats of blockade.

In statements to the Basque radio station Radio Popular, collected by Europa Press, Bengoa has analyzed the impact of the virus and the risk of a fourth wave at a time when, as it has recognized, the English variant of the virus and ” measures we have are not enough against it . ”

“They worked for the previous one, but with the English variant it will cost us more. Therefore, the last thing to do is relax the measures at the individual level and at the collective and administrative level,” he said, to add that, “no we must try to save Holy Week “.

As Bengoa has warned, it is “about to make the same mistake” as in summer and Christmas, in such a way that it seems that “we do not learn . ”

Along these lines, he has stressed that in epidemiology the first measure is always to reduce mobility and if that is not done and also very little vaccinations, “problems are sought.” Thus he has advocated the strategy followed in eastern countries where the population is confined “more severely but shorter.”

“Our first lockdown worked and that is why it is so strange that it is not understood that this is what should have been done in November , probably for a month, which would have prevented the Christmas expansion,” he indicated, adding that those “severe lockdowns it is the most recommendable now ” .

Likewise, he has stated that, although it may not seem like it, “the Spanish State is right now” the freest country in all of Europe and with fewer restrictions. “Finally, he has considered that herd immunity will not be achieved for this summer, as that although mortality will drop “there will still be a lot of viruses . “

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