32 Seats Compared in ERC Eleven Organization


Republic and the CUP have reached a preliminary agreement, without the participation of Junts per Catalunya, so that the anti-capitalist formation supports the investiture of the Republican Pere Aragonès as the new president of the Generalitat, with this the undisguised pressure of the Republicans is transferred to the formation of the ‘expresident’ Carles Puigdemont.

Assemblies participate militants of the eleven organizations that make up the CUP, who will assess the pre-agreement with ERC. The results of the telematic votes will be made public throughout Thursday, one day before the possible investiture debate of Aragonès.

“We are not impressed, if we have to be in the opposition we will be” After knowing the pre-agreement, sources from Junts per Catalunya have also read the ERC-CUP pre agreement as an attempt to force JxCat to support Aragonès.

However, those from Puigdemont warn that they have 32 seats compared to 9 for the cupaires, thus reminding them that ERC still does not have the majority necessary to invest their candidate. “We are not impressed by anything, and if we have to be in the opposition, we will be,” says a Junts leader familiar with the negotiations.

Junts also regrets that the CUP has yielded to ERC on issues on which it continues to be demanding compared to those of Puigdemont.

To all this, the anti-capitalist formation is divided regarding support for Aragonès, so the assemblies that will assess the preliminary agreement are expected to be tense again. Endavant , one of the organizations integrated in the CUP, is in favor of being outside the Government. Instead, Poble Lliure proposes the opposite.

To all this, parliamentary and Junts sources consider it highly probable that the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, will convene the full investiture before the expiration of the expected deadline, that is, for this next Friday.

In this way the race against time for Aragonès to be invested would be underway. In the first vote by absolute majority or, two days later, with a simple majority, in a hypothetical second plenary session.

All at the expense of a negotiation, that of Republicans and JxCat, which still has not reached definitive agreements despite the meetings that have been taking place between both parties. Despite the silence, the misgivings transcend and encompass both the sovereignist roadmap (for Junts, the ERC-CUP pre-agreement is probably vague), the composition of the Government

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