Telecinco Dispenses With Antonio David Flores In Its Programs

Telecinco dispenses with Antonio David Flores in its programs after Rocío Carrasco’s confessions.

His participation in programs is not planned, as ’’ has learned. Rocío Carrasco, about Antonio David: “He grabbed my hair and hit me with his head on the table . ”

About his children: “Antonio David told me ‘I’m going to take them away, they are going to hate you, you son of a bitch . ” Controversial, shameless and protagonists of many dramas, always televised: who’s who in the Jurado clan .

The Telecinco chain has decided to dispense with Antonio David Flores as a collaborator after the broadcast of Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive , as has learned .

” His participation in programs is not foreseen ,” say official sources of the chain to .

The decision is related to the broadcast of the special program in which Rocío Carrasco broke her silence of years about her conflict with her ex-husband and father of her children, Antonio David Flores, on which she launched accusations of physical and psychological abuse.

During the special Rocío, telling the truth to stay alive, Rocío Jurado’s daughter assured that when she was in rehabilitation after her traffic accident “there was some verbal aggression” , such as “‘useless’, ‘you are useless’ , ‘you’re fat’, ‘you’re stupid’ … “, said Carrasco.

“I remember a hair pulling, it grabs my hair and turns me down but I don’t know where the reason for that comes from,” Rocío Carrasco said in her interview, adding: “I’m not sure how it happened, but it happened and it was older “.

The confessions of what supposedly happened in her marriage with Antonio David Flores had great expectation, which made Rocío, telling the truth to stay alive, for Telecinco to be the third space with the highest share of the entire year 2021 , with a 33.2% audience share and 3,787,000 viewers.

The broadcast of this special presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez revolutionized the public sphere, with tens of thousands of users commenting on it on social networks (250,500 tweets were published on the matter only during the duration of the broadcast, with 52,500 unique authors), including politicians and relevant personalities.

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