Apple Amongst TIME Top 100 in 2021

Since 1927, Time Magazine has selected the most influential people of the year, and now Time Magazine has also selected the TOP100 most influential companies. Apple was named an influential leader!

New York (WS News Publisher) – Apple was selected as one of the Most Influential Companies in 2021, which represents the importance and status of this company to the world. With the increasing use of Mac, iPad, and iPhone, people’s lives are inseparable from Apple’s products and services. Apple is influencing our lives and shaping our future.

Most Influential Companies 2021 selected by Time Magazine has five categories, including Pioneers, Leaders, Innovators, Titans, and Disruptors. About 20 companies in each category, no matter which category the company is assigned to, are “making an extraordinary impact” and are shaping our future.

Apple was selected as the “Leaders” because of its breakthrough performance, continuous increase in product and service selection, and other outstanding performance, which belonged to the same category as Twitter, Sony, and Mastercard.

Time: “During the holiday season, Apple raked in a record-breaking $111billion, thanks in part to the uptick in remote work and schooling boosting its Mac and iPad sales. And that’s just one way the Tim Cook–led, Cupertino, Calif ., company was able to defy gravity in 2020, upsetting both the competition and its apparent partners”.

“Among other moves, it launched a new Mac lineup with a plan to phase out its use of Intel processors for its own Apple-made designs based on its mobile devices. It debuted new iPhone models that caught up to the 5G-enabled competition and added services like Apple Fitness+ to help keep people moving when they’re indoors”.

The “Innovators” category includes companies such as Netflix, Zoom, and Epic Games. In the “Titans” list, companies such as Microsoft, Disney, and Google are included. Meat substitute producer Beyond Meat and oat milk brand Oatly as “Pioneers.” Genetic-sequencing company Illumina and electric car firm Tesla, and Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei as “Disruptors.”

Time magazine stated that the lineup is determined by its global editors and communications network nominations, and industry experts. Evaluate each company based on its relevance, influence, innovation, leadership, etc.

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