Drought in Taiwan: 8 Reservoirs are at Less Than 10% Capacity

Taiwan is facing a drought, and the water levels of many reservoirs and ponds have dropped significantly. (Photo via WS News Publisher)

Last year was the only year in 56 years when no typhoon made landfall, causing severe drops in the water levels of Taiwan’s reservoirs and ponds.

Taipei. Taiwan (WS News Publisher) – The average annual rainfall in Taiwan is about 2500 mm, which is 2.6 times the world average. It is one of the countries with abundant rain in the world. No typhoon landed in Taiwan last year, reducing the average annual rainfall by 1,000 millimeters. Currently, eight reservoirs, including the Zengwen Reservoir, the largest in Taiwan, hold less than 10% of the water storage capacity. Water shortage has severely affected the operation of agriculture and semiconductor industries.

The mid-south part of Taiwan is facing severe water shortages. The Zengwen Reservoir, the largest of the reservoirs, has a water storage capacity of only 8.9%. It cannot supply approximately 230 million tons of water for agricultural irrigation. “Jianan Plain” stopped irrigation and farming; although the government provided subsidies for related industries, it still severely affected the lives and income of farmers.

The semiconductor industry is essential in Taiwan, and many electronic consumer products rely on chips produced in Taiwan. The chip manufacturing process requires a lot of water. The Baoshan Reservoir and Baoshan 2nd Reservoir of Hsinchu County, mainly responsible for storing water for the Hsinchu Science Park, have an average water storage capacity of only 10%. Irrigation Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan has promoted five agricultural irrigation water sources. About 3,000 tons of water per day can be taken out and used, temporarily alleviating the water shortage in the science park.

Some counties and cities in Taiwan have adopted water rationing: “water supply for five days and water cut for two days” within a week. It is estimated that the goal of 15% water saving can still be achieved. A Taichung citizen said: “Although water rationing causes a lot of inconvenience to life, as long as we use the water used for handwashing and bathing to flush the toilet, we can save a lot of water. I hope we can quickly get through this period of water shortage. .”

The Water Resources Agency of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs invited the mayors of counties and the actor Chris Wang to shoot a video together, calling on the public to save water. Water-saving methods include:
.Using water-saving toilets.
.Using vegetable washing water for watering flowers.
.Choosing a shorter laundry process.
.Turning off the faucet.
People are encouraged to start saving water at home, cherish every drop of water, and face the dry season. Challenge.

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