The Average Taiwanese Drink 104 Cups of Coffee Per Year

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Research shows that Taiwanese drink 2.4 billion cups of coffee a year, and the average person drank 104 cups of coffee each year, which is five more cups of coffee per person than in 2017.

Taipei, Taiwan (WS News Publisher) – Taiwan’s breakfast drinks have gradually changed from soy milk and tea to coffee. According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO) survey, Taiwan’s annual imports of coffee beans will range from 690,000 bags of 60 kg (about 41,400 tons) in 2017 to 725,000 bags of 60 kg (about 43,500 tons) in 2020. Taiwanese drank 2.4 billion cups of coffee this year. On average, each person drank 104 cups of coffee each year, five more cups of coffee per person than in 2017, showing that Taiwanese people accept and love coffee culture.

Taiwan has the highest density of coffee shops in the world. Consumers can buy coffee in coffee chains, convenience stores, beverage stores, fast food restaurants, and restaurants. The study pointed out that the top four companies in the cafe industry, Starbucks, Louisa, Cama, and Dante, accounted for 90% of the coffee chain market share, indicating that Taiwanese people are more willing to spend in large coffee chains.

The four major convenience stores in Taiwan, including 7-11, FamilyMart, OK, and Hi-Life, have more than 10,000 stores, all of which provide fresh coffee, allowing people to enjoy the delicious coffee anytime, anywhere. Statistics show that 7-Eleven and FamilyMart sold 430 million cups of coffee a year, an average of 13 cups of coffee per second, accounting for 1/6 of the total coffee sales in Taiwan.

Coffee chains and convenience stores occasionally launch several promotional activities, including friends sharing coupons, buy one get one free, 30% off the second cup, or special offers for new products. Each coffee chain or convenience store has launched a membership system or App to enjoy the service and discounts of coffee storage so that the public can taste good coffee at a reasonable price.

Although Taiwanese people generally buy coffee in coffee chains or convenience stores, cafes run by Taiwanese have also received international recognition. The global tourist information website “Big 7 Travel” recently announced the “2020 World’s 50 Best Coffee Shops”. Simple Kaffa coffee from Taiwan won first place. This is the second time the shop has picked the world’s best coffee shop and became Taiwan. The light of the coffee world.

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