ERC Sources Agreement For President Laura

ERC sources consider that after this principle of agreement, the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs , has more difficulty not calling the investiture debate of Aragonès. However, the CUP has warned that this pact is subject to what its assemblies decide next week.

Meanwhile, the negotiations between Republicans and JxCat they still do not allow an agreement, five days before the possible investiture session.

Specifically, the pre-agreement between Esquerra and the CUP is based on the independence strategy and on the social action of the Government. As for the independence roadmap

It is agreed to prepare “the necessary conditions” throughout the legislature for a new challenge to the State “preferably in the form of a referendum, while maintaining ERC’s commitment to negotiation.”

Regarding the action of the Government, it is agreed to promote housing policies with a “legislative agenda” and to avoid evictions of families in vulnerable situations. Regarding Health, it is agreed to promote Primary Care by allocating 25% of the Health budget .

Regarding the controversial management of the security policy, both formations are committed, according to the brief statement, to introduce changes so that ” the use of foam projectiles is suspended ” and a parliamentary study commission on public order is agreed.

The CUP has warned that all these aspects are subject to what the “open parliamentary assemblies” decide that the anti-system formation will hold next Wednesday to decide the direction of the vote in the investiture debate that could take place on Friday the 26th.

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