News Team

Dorthy Arnold – Basic Materials


Address: 1317 Red Dog Road
Matthews, NC 27105

Phone Number: +1 530-845-0044

Dorthy Arnold is a news writer for wsnewspublisher. She has written about investment and personal finance topics for more than 13 years from a lowly copywriter to editor-in-chief, so she has done a little bit of everything.

She is the driving force behind ws-news-publisher with a vision to broaden the company’s readership throughout 2K18. Dorthy Arnold is an editor and reporter of news about Basic Materials Sector Companies. She started out as a way to establish himself as a serious writer in a relatively business field fast.

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Edith Becker – World News


Address: 1008 Byers Lane
Citrus Heights, CA 95310

Phone Number: +1 618-690-7289

Edith Becker is a writer for wsnewspublisher. She covers News sector and writes about World news of the companies from an exclusive and “out of the box” perspective. Over the 7 years, she has built a network of resources.

Her most recent work incorporates a promoting article on the portable site plan that objectives organizations hoping to make their sites amicable to versatile clients. The greater part of his articles mixes some type of examination with the composition process itself.

She works on a full-time basis for wsnewspublisher specializing in quicker moving active shares with a short-term view on investment opportunities and trends. She has been active in the markets for some years, and she mainly focused on long/short equities.

Exceptionally qualified Business Writer with over 07 years of showed involvement in marketable strategies and awards.

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 Terence Daugherty – Science News


Phone Number: +1 408-535-7629

Address: 523 Forrd Street
San Jose, CA 95313

Terence Daugherty focuses on breaking news stories and ensuring we offer timely reporting on some of the most recent stories released through market wires about Science news Sector companies. She has formerly spent over 9.00 years as a trader in U.S. Stock Market and is now semi-stepped down. She works on a full-time basis for specializing in quicker moving active shares with a short-term view of investment opportunities and trends.

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 Traci Decker – Stock Buzz

Address: 2172 Arrowood Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32504

Phone Number: +1 904-400-3469

Traci Decker is a stock and forex trader for over sixteen years. Academic teacher in Behavioral Finance and Experimental Economics. Author of scientific articles on the cognitive processing of information in financial markets.

He specializes in market indices, currency pairs, and commodities, rarely trading individual stocks. He has a strong preference for deep value plays and/or stocks with a strong track record of dividend growth. He is an active day trader spending the majority of his time analyzing earnings news and watching commodities and derivatives.

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