ChatGPT Challenges Conventional Wisdom: Outperforms College Students in Diverse Disciplines

ChatGPT Challenges Conventional Wisdom: Outperforms College Students in Diverse Disciplines. (Photo via

ChatGPT has sparked a global phenomenon, leading to an upswing in usage across the world. Survey results indicate that nearly three-quarters of students are open to using ChatGPT for homework assistance, yet educators argue that this approach mirrors plagiarism.

Seattle, WA (WS News Publisher) – OpenAI, a nonprofit dedicated to artificial intelligence research, unveiled ChatGPT in the year 2023. This AI chatbot is proficient in engaging in conversations and providing assistance in answering queries. Many people have begun to apply it to work or life to improve efficiency, and artificial intelligence has suddenly become a hot topic. There is a reason why ChatGPT is so popular. Many university professors believe ChatGPT is better at writing papers than college students.

To investigate how ChatGPT compares to students’ writing abilities, Talal Rahwan and Yasir Zakii invited professors who teach various courses at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) to participate in the experiment. First, they designed ten questions, invited three students to answer them, then used the same questions to ask the three sets of answers provided by ChatGPT, and finally compared and evaluated them.

ChatGPT generated answers with similar or higher grade point averages than students in 9 out of 32 courses. Especially in answering test questions in various disciplines such as computer science, political science, engineering, and psychology, ChatGPT’s performance may even exceed the performance of ordinary college students. The research was published in Scientific Reports.

In addition, the authors surveyed 1,601 people from Brazil, India, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom, including at least 200 students and 100 educators in each country, about their opinions on whether ChatGPT can be used to assist with college studies. Among them, 74% of students said they would use ChatGPT at work, and 70% of educators believed that using ChatGPT was regarded as plagiarism.

So, the flaming ChatGPT usage rate may not be as high as expected. The Pew Research Center in the United States surveyed 5,057 panelists in July this year. Among the respondents who had heard of ChatGPT, only 24% said they had used it, equivalent to 18% of the total number of American adults. Younger people are more likely than older people to use ChatGPT, with 41% of 18-29-year-olds using ChatGPT, compared to only 5% of those 65 and older.

Technology-assisted living has become an unstoppable trend. Using ChatGPT to write reports has both advantages and disadvantages. It can quickly process a large amount of information and answer questions on a wide range of topics, but the tone and style are flat and uniform, and it is difficult to generate creative and novel ideas. Depending on the goals and needs of the user. However, no matter how it is used, sharing personal or sensitive information with artificial intelligence may lead to privacy and security issues, and users should be more careful.

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