Research Shows Kissing Can Help Increase Self-Esteem

The process of kissing produces dopamine and boosts self-esteem. (Photo via

Kisses are magic! The lips have many sensory nerves that connect to the areas of the brain responsible for pleasurable emotions. Kissing stimulates the brain to produce chemicals, including oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, that make people feel good and promote feelings of affection and intimacy.

Taipei, Taiwan (WS News Publisher) – Do you like the feeling of kissing? In most people’s experiences and memories, kissing is a beautiful thing! People will be close to the people, things, and things they like, and when the emotion is too strong, they will express it with hugs and kisses. When there is a kissing scene in a love movie, we may even feel electrocuted because the emotion conveyed through kissing is very strong. Kissing is nothing more than two people bringing their faces close together and exchanging saliva. Why is kissing attractive, and what is the benefit of kissing?

Why does kissing feel so good? The lips have many sensory nerves connecting to the areas of the brain responsible for pleasurable emotions, so kissing can feel good. Kissing stimulates the brain to produce chemicals, including oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, that make people feel good and promote affection and intimacy. Research from Arizona State University found that kissing in marital and cohabiting relationships improved perceived stress, relationship satisfaction, and total serum cholesterol. 

A study published in Scientific American found that kissing acts like a natural stress reliever, and cortisol levels dropped in both men and women after kissing, regardless of intimacy, which means the pressure goes down when kissing. Kissing has many psychological benefits; not only does it help reduce stress, but the hormones it releases can also help boost self-esteem because if someone kisses you, it means you’re attractive.

A kiss on the cheek of a family member can help build trust. (Photo via

Kissing is an excellent tool for conveying emotion! Kissing family members and friends on the cheek can help build an emotional connection, boost mutual trust, and even offer an apology after a fight. Experts suggest that couples often kiss to increase interaction and express affection; as the concentration of oxytocin in the body increases, it also helps to improve intimacy.

It’s blissful to kiss someone you love, but if you kiss a stranger, all you can think of is the disgusting saliva and bacteria in your mouth. In fact, everyone has bacteria in their saliva, and saliva is exchanged when kissing, which in turn exposes people to other new bacteria and strengthens immunity. An article published in the American scientific journal Popular Science pointed out that if a woman introduces a small amount of the virus into the body through kissing before pregnancy, it helps the immune system to learn.

Do you agree that women care more about kissing than men? A study from the University of Albany found an interesting phenomenon: women use kissing as an evaluation criterion to choose a more attractive mate. The scientists also found that kissing was important in long-term relationships and that kissing frequency was associated with satisfaction.

On the other hand, studies are showing other benefits of kissing. For example, kissing is associated with reducing allergy symptoms; kissing is associated with longer life; kissing is associated with burning calories; kissing is associated with lowering blood pressure; kissing is associated with maintaining heart health, etc. Do you like kissing? Kiss your lover more often!

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