There Are More Benefits To Exercising At The Ideal Time

Because of differences in hormones, biological clocks, and sleep-wake cycles, men and women have different best exercise times. (Photo via

Do you like to exercise during the day or at night? The latest research in the USA found that different genders are suitable for different time points for exercise, and the benefits are also different. Women who want to lose weight and lower blood pressure can choose to exercise in the morning. Men who want to boost metabolism, benefit the heart, and prevent disease are better off exercising at night.

New York, NY (WS News Publisher) – Find benefits in the ideal exercise time! Research shows that exercise training at different times of the day can affect the benefits of exercise, and the time points suitable for men and women are different. Women who want to lose weight can choose morning time, while men can choose night time, which will have a better fat-burning effect. If men want to improve metabolism, benefit the heart and prevent diseases, it is better to exercise at night. The research has been published in “Frontiers in Physiology.”

The study, led by Paul Arcerio, a professor of health and human psychological sciences at Skidmore College in New York, involved 30 healthy and active men and 26 women between the ages of 25 and 55. The observation period lasted for 12 weeks, and subjects were allowed to perform various exercises such as stretching, sprinting, and endurance training, and recorded various reactions and changes in their bodies.

The research team divided the subjects into two groups: morning and evening. The morning group members exercised for 1 hour before 8:30 in the morning; the other group did the same exercise between 6:00 and 8:00 in the evening. During training, both groups followed a specially designed diet plan. Subjects were tested for blood pressure, body fat, flexibility, aerobic capacity, and strength before and after the experiment. The researchers found that men and women have different better periods for exercise due to differences in hormones, biological clocks, and sleep-wake cycles and that sometimes the benefits of exercise aren’t the same.

After 12 weeks of exercise training, all subjects tested, regardless of gender, exercise period, and normal or obese weight, showed that their overall health and physical performance improved as a result of regular exercise.

Professor Arcerio mentioned that the best time to exercise is any time you can do it and schedule it into your daily routine. But he also mentioned that other factors have been found in the study that can affect the effectiveness of exercise training, so the optimal period of exercise may be different for men and women.

The experimental results found that for women, morning exercise has a more obvious effect on lower body muscles than evening. Therefore, if you want to reduce abdominal fat, and promote lower body circulation and lower blood pressure, it is recommended to choose exercise in the morning, which is more effective in burning fat and losing weight. It can also reduce the accumulation of fat around the organs and improve the health of the internal organs and tissues of the body. Exercise in the evening is more effective in building the muscles of the upper body. Therefore, women who want to enhance the muscular endurance of the upper body, regulate their emotions, and increase their dietary intake are recommended to choose evening exercise.

For men, the difference in the effect of morning or evening exercise was less pronounced, and both strength and muscular endurance were enhanced by exercise. But the group that exercised at night was more helpful in improving heart and cardiovascular health, improving metabolism, and regulating mood. It helps prevent cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke and reduces the chance of obesity. So men who want to boost metabolism and maintain heart health can choose to exercise at night.

Although it is not yet fully understood why men and women should exercise at different times. The researchers speculate that women exercising in the morning have a more fat-burning effect, which may be because they have more abdominal fat to burn, especially in the morning due to the functioning of the biological clock. More solid evidence remains to be explored in subsequent experiments, but what is certain is that exercise can be beneficial to physical and mental health at any time, but choosing the right time can achieve a multiplier effect.

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