Why Has Pandemic Caused The Divorce Rate To Rise?

The pandemic has changed people’s life patterns. People now work, play, and exercise at home and spend more time with their spouses/partners, but worries, quarrels, and unhappiness also follow.

New York, NY (WS News Publisher) – During the pandemic, the virus not only threatens people’s lives but also puts their jobs at risk. In the face of an unknown future, the social atmosphere is full of fear and anxiety, and the mood and emotions of the public are negatively affected. In this case, it is normal for people to become anxious, but if they are unable to relax their mood and adjust to the pressure, it may bring more emotional burden to the partner.

While everyone is paying attention to the pandemic and trying to adapt to a new life, something else is happening – divorce rates are rising all over the world. Taking the United States as an example, according to the New York Post report, compared with 2019, the number of people seeking a divorce from March to June 2020 has increased by 34%.

How serious is the divorce caused by the pandemic? According to data from the well-known British law firm Stewarts, compared with the same period in 2020, the number of related inquiries from July to October 2021 has increased by 122%. A report by the charity Citizens Advice also stated that there had been a surge in online searches seeking advice to end the relationship.

In Indonesia, it is not easy to get married or divorce. Because if Muslims want to get married, they need to be witnessed by the religious unit and registered by the government unit. Their divorce procedures are also very complicated and may even be rejected. However, after the pandemic began in Indonesia, the divorce rate rose by 5%, and the situation has not slowed down. This shows that the pandemic poses a huge threat to marriage.

When people are anxious and have to spend time with their partners at home, coupled with economic instability, these may lead to quarrels. For example, how to allocate time, how to allocate housework, what to do if the salary is not enough to pay the bills? These things are worth discussing during the pandemic. When the spouse/partner cannot face the test together, it is very likely to embark on the path of divorce or breakup.

In addition, there are many sad stories happening. “During the pandemic, I have nowhere to run!” This is the voice of most domestic violence victims. The pandemic makes life more difficult for the victims. If the partner does not have to go to the company to work, the victim is more likely to be treated violently.

Recently, some experts and newspapers reported that the divorce rate increased only in the early stages of the pandemic and that the current marriage and divorce rates in some areas of the United States have fallen. However, we should not relax because this may be the result of people avoiding going out and thus delaying the time for a divorce.

In any case, the pandemic still affects everyone. It affects people’s emotions, lives, and marriages, just like a chain reaction. Before COVID-19 and the variant viruses Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Lambda, etc., have not disappeared, everyone must understand how to adjust their mood. Try to minimize the impact of the pandemic so as not to make personal emotions, life, and marriage worse before life is threatened.

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