Parenting Guide: Babies Can’t Eat Honey

If you have children in your family, then you should know: babies cannot eat honey. This is the basic knowledge of parenting and the safety instructions for babies.

Boston, MA (WS News Publisher) – Babies can’t eat honey, nor can they eat any food containing honey. This is to ensure the safety of children. Because babies under one year old cannot resist the Botulinum toxin secreted by Clostridium botulinum spores in honey, honey is dangerous for babies.

The effect of honey on babies

Babies cannot eat honey because honey contains Clostridium botulinum spores, which can survive in the intestines and secrete Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin that can cause poisoning. Symptoms: difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, etc., severely may lead to death.

How old is the child to eat honey

Children can eat honey after one-year-old. Babies before six months of age are particularly susceptible because the digestive system of babies at this period is not strong enough to resist the growth of Botulinum toxin in the intestines. Therefore, it is best to wait until children are one year old before letting them eat honey, or even after three years old.

Check the baby’s food

Children under one year old cannot eat honey, nor can honey cakes and honey water! Please check the baby’s food. As long as it contains honey, it cannot be given to them. Adults can eat honey because the bacteria in the intestines of adults are more abundant, which can resist the growth of Botulinum toxin.

About non-staple food

Children start to come into contact with non-staple foods after four months. It is best to provide natural and light foods, do not give processed foods, pickled foods, and avoid excessive salt or sugar intake. In the beginning, let the children learn to eat food. It is recommended to provide an appropriate amount of “fresh fruit pieces + water.”

As a rigorous suggestion, please avoid giving your child honey, chocolate, tea, coffee before the child is three years old. Commercial chocolates too much sugar and caffeine, which may affect the development of children.

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