Most American Women Prefer Partners Taller Than Themselves

According to a YouGov survey, 63% of American female respondents said they prefer the possibility that their partner is higher than themselves.

San Francisco, CA (WS News Publisher) – Do you like your partner to be taller than yourself? Or hope that your partner’s weight can be the same as yours? There is no absolute answer to these questions! Let us understand the preferences of American respondents from the survey data.

Are height and weight important to the choice of a partner? YouGov surveyed American respondent’s views on the attractiveness of their partners. 68% of them believe that physical beauty is subjective. The survey results also show that some people have no particular preference for body type.

Women preferences

Most women prefer a partner who is taller than themselves! 63% said they prefer the possibility of their partner being higher than themselves. 24% said they have no preference. Only a few people like partners who are shorter than them.

Regarding weight, 42% of women said they had no preference. 22% of women want their partner’s body type to be similar to their own body type, while 16% of women want their partner’s body shape to be thinner than their own.

Male preference

So what appearance conditions do men like for women? 40% said they have no preference for the height of their partner. 36% said they prefer a shorter partner than themselves, and 16% want a partner of the same size. Only 6% of men prefer their partner to be higher than themselves.

38% of men said they have no preference for their partner’s weight compared to their weight. However, data shows that 25% of people prefer a partner who is slimmer than their own. 21% of people want their partner to have a body type similar to theirs.

About the ideal partner

Are you satisfied with your height and weight? You can try to meet the respondents’ conditions, but the height cannot be adjusted! It can be known from the survey that a certain number of respondents have no particular preference for height or weight.

Most people have this experience: a partner in dreams and a partner, in reality, have different conditions. But this does not mean that you have less love for your partner. There are not only ideals in love but mutual respect, acceptance, and tolerance. We hope everyone can find a partner who loves each other.

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