COVID-19 and Medical Oxygen Crisis in India

India is facing the biggest crisis since the epidemic, with more than 400,000 people infected in a single day, and a crisis of lack of medical oxygen due to logistics.

New York, NY (WS News Publisher) – India has 4,12,262 new cases and 3,980 deaths in the past 24 hours. On April 30, India became the first country in the world to report 400,000 infections in one day. At that time, India reported 408,000 infections.

The U.S. uses military aircraft to deliver more urgently needed life-saving supplies to India, “we’ve sent 4 gray tails to India, containing 1m Rapid Diagnostic Tests, 545 Oxygen Concentrators, 1,600,300 N95 masks, 457 Oxygen cylinders, 440 regulators, 220 pulse oximeters and 1 Deployable Ox. Concentration System. It’s been a heroic effort from all involved.”said Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. He attached three photos of US military aircraft in India on Twitter.

Patients in India are severely deficient in medical oxygen. But why is there such a shortage? In the past week or so, India has clearly lacked medical oxygen, which is obvious. You can see the debate on oxygen cylinders in every forum, and doctors and hospitals don’t know where to buy more medical oxygen. But what is medical oxygen? Medical oxygen is different from the air we breathe. Medical oxygen is at least 82% pure oxygen without any pollution, including pollution from other gases. On the contrary, the atmosphere we breathe contains various gases, such as nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, etc., and only 21% oxygen.

According to experts, what India lacks is not medical oxygen. The problem is transportation and logistics. The country does not have enough cryogenic trucks to facilitate round-the-clock transportation.

As the number of infections has soared, 21 states have imposed curfews and lockdowns in the past week. Ten days ago, only five states implemented a statewide lockdown. The Federal Ministry of Health said on Thursday morning that in the past 24 hours, 412,262 people have been tested and submitted for Covid-19, bringing the cumulative number of cases in the country to more than 21.07 million. The country reported more than 400,000 new cases last Saturday.

In severe Covid-19 cases, the oxygen content in the body will drop sharply. In this case, the cells in the body do not have enough oxygen to perform their normal functions. If the oxygen shortage problem is not resolved, the cells may actually start to die. Every organ in our body, whether it is the heart, brain, lungs or kidneys, all needs oxygen. According to the TOI, With the Ministry of Railways talking about oxygen express delivery and establishing green corridors to facilitate rapid movement of these trains, logistics challenges may soon be resolved.

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