Netflix Grows 3.98 Million Subscribers in Q1 of 2021

gain of 3.98 million in net global streaming subscribers, which was 5.62 million fewer than the same period last year
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Netflix has 207.64 million paid subscribers in the first quarter of 2021, only grows 3.98 million new subscribers, which is less than 9.6 million new subscribers year-over-year.

New York City, NY (WS News Publisher) – The spread of the global epidemic has increased the time people spend at home, prompting Netflix subscribers to exceed 200 million in the last quarter of 2020. Although the epidemic is still not over, the number of new subscriptions to Netflix has dropped to an average level. According to data released by Netflix, the company reported a gain of 3.98 million in net global streaming subscribers, which was 5.62 million fewer than the same period last year (9.6 million new subscribers in the first quarter of 2020). Facing the launch of Disney+, HBO Max, and other competitors, and the less popular content of TV series at the beginning of the year may be the reasons for the decline in the number of new subscriptions.

Most Netflix users are located in the United States and Canada, accounting for more than 74 million Netflix users worldwide. Taiwan has an estimated 1.49 million subscribers. Taiwan’s OTT video market has grown for five consecutive years, with annual revenue of nearly US$600 million in 2019. Among them, Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, and Fox+ were the first international OTT service providers to enter the Taiwan market, followed by Apple TV+ and WarnerMedia’s HBO GO. With the increasing popularity of OTT platforms and Disney+ joining the market in 2021, Taiwan is expected to become the 13th largest OTT market in the world by 2024.

The content provided by Netflix is ​​very rich, including diversified albums, movies, documentaries and children’s programs, attracting a wide audience. A user loyalty survey pointed out that 84% of the respondents said that they will continue to use the service if the monthly fee increases by one dollar. Even if the monthly fee increases by five dollars of respondents still said they would keep the service. From this survey, we can find that Netflix is ​​supported and welcomed by subscribers.

When watching TV, most people like to be accompanied by someone, which may be family, friends, or pets. An interesting survey found that a total of 12% of Netflix viewers said they would stop watching performances because their pets did not like them, and 22% would bribe their pets with snacks to encourage them Pets continue to watch shows or movies together.

As Netflix can be watched at any time, any location and on any device, consumers will continue to customize their viewing experience according to their preferences, needs and lifestyle. Many people even admit that watching TV and movies in toilets, bathrooms, and even public toilets is a unique and perfect enjoyment. This service not only changes the way viewers use it, but also accelerates the cultural exchange of international perspectives, allowing users to receive interesting information while waiting for the bus or self-service laundry.

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